Super Groovy 70's is an hour-long weekly show featuring the best pop music of the 1970's. Along with plenty of top hits, you’ll also hear TV theme songs, forgotten faves, and rare tracks.

Each week the show includes the "3's Company Theme Set" – a trio of tunes with a common, though not always obvious, link. Listeners are challenged to solve the mystery of the connection.

There’s also "Biofeedback," highlighting the career and songs of a top artist of the decade.

Among the other fun features are "The Silver Screen Song of the Week," "The Teen Idol Tune Of the Day," and "The Boob Tube Tune of the Week."

In addition, an actual vinyl record is played as the "45 Flashback."

Super Groovy 70's includes interviews with TV, movie and music stars from the "Have A Nice Day " decade.

More exciting than a pet rock, more intellectually stimulating than ‘The Gong Show" - it’s Super Groovy 70's!

Available via barter.  8 minutes local, 7 minutes network (per hour). 

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