The Groovy Gossip:

"Joe B. has an incredible way with 70s music. It's obvious that he knows and loves the music I crave. Plus his infectious personality makes Super Groovy 70's what it is. Irresistible!"
- Loyal Listener Allison
"Nobody knows the 70's better than Joe...itís almost scary."
- Chicago radio legend Roy Leonard
"I think the picture pretty much says it all."
- Broadcast veteran Randy Eccles
"Iíd listen to this show even if I wasnít hosting it....really...I swear...."
- Joe B.
"Turn that *%$#%*& 70's music down!
- Joe B.ís dad (circa 1978)
"Turn that *%$#%*& 70's music down!

- Joe B.ís wife (circa now)

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